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We help businesses small & large focus on what's important for growth. 

Why Work With Us?


Website Builds & Rebuilds, eCommerce Stores, Funnels

We can start from the ground up taking scribbles on napkins to fully functional webstores, We also specialize in revamping old existing sites. 
  • Investment: $1200 - $5,000+
  • Timescale: Usually 1 - 2 Weeks (depending on project)
  • Services: Design, Redesign, CRO, eCommerce, Optimization, Branding
  • ​Must Be Willing To Pay 50% Deposit To Start Contract


ROI - Focused Paid Advertising Campaigns

We build profitable ROI focused paid advertising campaigns. We work hand and hand with our clients to ensure the right delivery of messaging for the more effective campaigns. We assist from strategy right to creatives and make sure our clients understand easy to read reports.
  • Investment: $2000 Setup + $2000+ Monthly (Based on Ad Spend)
  • Networks: Facebook / Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Bing, & Programatic.
  • Capacity: Strict Capacity For Managed Service
  • ​Must Have Active Campaigns


Our Design Team Will Load You Down!

Are you struggling with content? We can create short videos on the fly, work on an email newsletter template, and even book out a fully equipped studio in location of your choice and shoot a full production. The choice is yours. 
  • Investment: $500 - $5,000+
  • Timescale: Month to Month Content Plans
  • Capacity: Strict Capacity For Monthly Plan


No Battle Was Ever Won Without Solid Consulting 

We can come into your business and give you the perspective you need to move forward. We can do this as a single consulting session where we can tear into your specific needs. We also offer monthly packages where we can get more in-depth and provide follow up. 
  • Investment: $300 per Hour
  • ​Must Pay Deposit To Secure Time Slot
  • 1 Hour Consulting Session Via Zoom
Some Of Our Biggest Wins

Generated $2.1 Million In Revenue With Info Products & Facebook Ads In 11 Months

We grew an existing coaching business from 200 paying members to over 600 with Funnels, Facebook Ads, & Solid Strategy.

We Built An eCommerce Brand From An Idea & $0 To Over $500,000 In Sales & Counting 

We built a niche eCommerce store from the ground up starting with site design, branding, and CRO. Then Going into Full Speed on Google Search & Shopping.

Turned a $0 Facebook Page into $1.2 Million in Sales from $26,000 in Ad Spend on Facebook

We took an established eCommerce brand to Facebook / IG and turned their existing assets into a new revenue stream.

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Do you have questions? Email us at support@rediscoverdigital.com. We are happy to discuss your goals and if our services are a good fit for you.